Event Organization

Based in Orlando, Florida, JVR Productions is a full service agency that provides organized, in-house cost-effective services for a range of clients in both the English and Hispanic speaking markets. Our staff is comprised of experts in advertising, media buying, production and digital space. The equipment at our studio is industrial quality, and is used for TV, radio, and live broadcasts. We work with High Definition content, 3D animations and motion graphics that can bring life and power to your message.

JVR Productions is ready to help you organize your event anywhere in the Orlando Fl, Tampa Fl and Miami Florida area! We have the equipment and the personnel you’re looking for. Here’s what we can provide for your event:

Sound for up to 2000 attendees
Presidential Teleprompters
Videos on HD or SD
Streaming equipment to transmit live from your event to a TV station or website
Big screen
….& much more!
Contact JVR Productions today to find out what our team can do for you. Give us a call anytime at: 407-582-0030